----- title: About PubPub author: pubpub_team name: PubPub Team ----- # Welcome to PubPub [beta]! PubPub is an open-source platform for totally transparent publishing. We focus on three main goals: 1. **A rich and modern writing experience** - Support for dynamic assets, large datasets, and live visualizations. 2. **Distributed Review** - Distributed across many communities and done in the open. Rewarding constructive reviews and incentivizing progress rather than elitism opens the process to all that are capable. 3. **Grassroots Journals** - Journals serve as curators rather than gatekeepers. Pubs can be submitted to and featured in as many journals as is relevant. No more silos. Journals can be run for large or small audiences, by institutions or individuals. Everyone can be a journal. We hope that PubPub can provide scientists, designers, and all with tools for reproducible and beautiful communication. # Frequently Asked Questions ## Who's behind this? PubPub has been designed and developed by Travis Rich and Thariq Shihipar at the MIT Media Lab in Andrew Lippman's Viral Communications group. It is Travis's PhD thesis work. PubPub is generously supported and advised by many Media Lab professors, students, and friends. ## How much does it cost to publish? $0 USD. ## What can I publish? Anything you like! As long as you have the right to do so. Publishing work that you are not legally authorized to redistribute or claim authorship of is not allowed. ## Who can publish? Anyone! PubPub enables author-driven publishing. The authors of the work decide when it's published and how. Journals act as a tool for curation, not a gatekeeper of knowledge. ## Can I create a private pub? All pubs are private until they are published. If you'd like to keep your pub private, don't publish it. To share an un-published pub, you can add 'read-only' collaborators from the editor. ## Can someone read my pub if they don't have an account? A published pub is available for everyone to read. An account is only required for creating/editing pubs or adding discussion items. ## What is a PubPub journal? A PubPub journal is a tool to allow curation of published Pubs. Journals serve as the rallying point for a given community. Journals can have their own branding, design scheme, and URL. ## Who creates and runs journals? Anyone! Journals, when not tied to large institutions, can be a fantastic tool for curation - and we believe everyone should have that power. Whether you're the world's expert curating nanophysics papers or a student curating a study guide for your friends, journals can provide an interface for scoping what your community should be reading. ## How do I know my work is stored safely? We take the role of archivist seriously. Your data is backed up and distributed across several different systems to prevent any data-loss events . We hope to soon disclose our plans that will guarantee the security and availability of your work for time lengths in the range of decades or more. ## Cool project! How can I help? Get in touch! []( We'd love to hear what you think and how you'd like to help. PubPub will soon be open source and ready for contributions from all! ## Is PubPub available in languages other than English? Yes (it can be)! PubPub is built to support many languages. Currently, we only have translation for English and Spanish. If you're eager and willing to contribute translations for other languages, please get in touch! []( A native speaker would likely be able to translate everything in ~30 minutes. ## I made a big mistake and need to fix something I published. What do I do? PubPub is designed to make fixes easy and painless - simply return to your editor, make changes, and publish a new version. For situations that this does not address, please contact us ([]( and we can review on a case-by-case basis. ## [Blank] doesn't work! It's broken! What do I do?! Doh! Sorry about that. Please let us know what's not working by emailing [](